Planit Builders Review: Everything That Makes a Successful Builder

planit homebuildersEvery homeowner would only want the best home builders to work on improving their home. They save up to make sure that they’ve got the right amount of money to afford a builder of calibre. And yet, little is known about what a good builder is. Planit Builders Review speak of how good a builder can be, especially when he is powered with the right knowledge, years of experience and the most amazing tools that can build a home. And yet, what exactly do they mean by a successful, world-renowned builder.

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  • We signed with Planit back in April with all intentions to have our basement completed before our children finished school and they nailed it. At first it was hard to believe everything process wise was going to be as smooth as promised but it really did. Only had 1 issue along the way with a painter but that was resolved and they didn't miss a beat. We let them work over the weekends and it did help in the end. During the construction of our basement my husband was around initially during the rough-in stages but had to head up north was totally surprised when he returned to see how perfect it looked . I want to thank Steve and his team for our beautiful basement and hanging our tv :).


    -Caroline in Prince George

  • We were very pleased with Planit Builders. Our project manager (Dale) was excellent. He was personable, paid attention to detail, quick to respond to our questions and when there was one "hiccup" he did not hesitate to get it fixed right away. The trades that were brought in, were professional and the workmanship was excellent. The whole team at planit builders worked together as a collective to deliver a stress free renovation project for our family. Thanks to you all!


    -Laura Harrison in Calgary

  • Planit Builders did a fantastic job on our basement renovation. They worked efficiently and made sure all of our wishes were fulfilled. Dale from Planit Builders particularly was a fantastic help and made sure we were happy with the work done. I would recommend this company for any renovation.


    -Asha Bhagria in Calgary

When reading various Planit Builders reviews, you will realize that it takes more than just a popular name to get potential clients to sign you up. So how do you distinguish a good builder from those who are just trying to become one? Here are a few points that you might consider:

  • An established builder does not need a lot of marketing to get clients to contact them. Through word of mouth from satisfied clients, these builders can get themselves the kind of clients that will pay them for the good service that they can provide. Recommendations from satisfied clients will also allow them to get in contact with potential clients.
  • A good builder does not need to boast of what their company has to offer. All that they really need is to show potential clients that they can deliver good work. Apart from the pictures, the real idea is that their clients speak about them and says a good word or two about the kind of service that they deliver. From these good words, their services will be promoted.
  • A good contractor is the one that knows exactly what can work for you and which projects could not. They will sit down and listen to your ideas but they will also give you a piece of their mind. Their opinion greatly matters in the success of your home improvement project. They are, after all, the experts in the field.
  • A good builder lives up to their promises and discusses possible changes with you when they feel like the project is not going as planned. All these little details about how successful or unsuccessful a project will be should be openly discussed by the builder with his client. This is how they are able to build trust with their client. The more open the builder is, the better it is for the client.

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